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Toll Management Systems

Toll Management Systems - Effective Management means a successful Toll Plaza

Effective Management: Management can be defined as the accumulation of all functions, systems, methodologies and operations for the control and functioning of daily performance of a task or project. For the smooth functioning leading to monetary and economic advantage, an effective management system is crucial. Management thus is paramount in every organization and project ranging from hospitals to governments to toll plazas.

Toll Plaza Management: A toll plaza is an area which has a number of toll booths. Toll plazas are said to be areas of noise and constant revenue collection. This makes the presence of a sound management system in a toll plaza inevitable. Toll management systems advocate and ensure the efficacy of a toll plaza. The absence of an effective and encompassing Toll Management System would lead to chaos and disruption in the economic, social and monetary sector of an economy. It is important to have automated toll plaza management systems in place which would take away the excuse of human error. Electronic toll management systems include identifying a vehicle in a toll system. This includes accessing image data for a first vehicle and obtaining license plate data from the accessed image data for the first vehicle. A set of records is accessed. Each record includes license plate data for a vehicle. The license plate data for the first vehicle is compared with the license plate data for vehicles in the set of records. Based on the results of the comparison of the license plate data, a set of vehicles is identified from the vehicles having records in the set of records. The electronic system also includes fingerprint identification of the vehicle owner and automatic surveillance of toll collection by video cameras.

Electronic Toll Collection systems: Electronic toll collection system, ETC, are being deployed in toll plaza management systems all over the world since the 1980s. The ETC system is an umbrella term, encompassing vehicle identification and revenue collection at the toll plaza. The ETC system of enhanced video enforcement improves the collection of toll revenues reducing the number of non-paying toll road users drastically. The program automates the toll collection process by eliminating the requirement for motorists to stop and pay tolls at automatic coin machines or manually to attendants.

Toll Plaza software: Electronic Toll management demands that all functions of the toll plaza be automated and accordingly delegated. A toll plaza software system ensures that vehicle owners including motorists do not have to stop at tolling booths and wait in long queues to pay the toll fee. The software technology ensures that vehicle owners travel nonstop through toll lanes. The technology is based on an electromagnetic link between a roadside unit (RSU) and an onboard unit (OBU) fixed to the inside windscreen of the motorist's vehicle.

Parking toll management software: The new computerized technology of parking toll management software is a method to control vehicle flow at a toll plaza. The parking software identifies the type of vehicle opening a parking space for them at the toll plaza. Now, heavy duty vehicle and cars have to go through separate parking lanes for toll inspection.
Toll management systems ensure that there no traffic violations. They are a great advantage in light of the macro economy.