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Domain Registration

Domain Registrations

Reseller Plans
With an unmatched ability to host unlimited sites, BE Software Solutions allows you, as a reseller, to leave your own imprint on your business. You can create your own packages and prices and sell it at your own convenience. Now devise your own marketing strategy as nobody is going to come between you and your customers, not even us. We provide these services at never before prices as well as with unmatched convenience.

We also offer specialized services in the following areas:

Domain Forwarding
Aapkadomain.com is an extremely convenient way to register a domain. It also helps you to mark your presence on the web by providing you with effective solutions to meet your web hosting needs. It is a part of the renowned BE Group which provides you with convenient registration of domain names. All you have to do is to choose a domain name of your choice and check its availability, and you are ready to register your domain name. Aapkadomain.com is a one stop shop for all your domain registration and web hosting needs. Our services are just right for the entrepreneurs who want to make their presence felt in the cyberspace.

Mail Forwarding

Management of Domain Name System (D.N.S)

We have been accredited, as official registrars of the .in domain name, by the National Internet Exchange of India (N.I.X.I). This makes us the ideal partner for companies looking to get .in domain registration (India).

BE Software Solutions based in UK, London provides the .in domain name to organizations, firms, companies, and individuals, who are operating out of UK or from anywhere in the world, but are India centric.

We are also one of the foremost Top Level Domain (TLD) registrars in India. We can register your company's name across a vast array of top level domains. We give our customers who want .in domain, the advantage of web hosting on high-speed and secure servers maintained by our own domain hosting facility. At BE Software Solutions, UK, London our state of the art technology ensures minimal loss of data packets and real time customer support.

So if you are looking for cost effective web hosting and domain registration services, then we are the company you are looking for.